How to Find the Best Network Auditing Software

By |September 11th, 2013

Tips on How to Find the Best Network Auditing Software

Businesses relying on network systems must have the necessary software to audit all devices on a network. For example, keeping track of software licenses, routers, switches and security applications is essential for the success of a business operation. In fact, network auditing software will actually help to improve a business’s marketing efforts. Streamlining the logistics of a company has never been as easy as it is today with the technological solutions widely available for every existing industry. By using auditing software for tracking and managing both software and hardware on a network, it becomes easy to make provisions and preparations for any potential issues in the future.

What Does Network Auditing Software Track and Manage?

Sophisticated networking systems, such as three-layer hierarchical network designs, contain many elements that must undergo constant updating, tracking and management. Network auditing software provides an effective solution for identifying software or hardware that is underperforming. Exposing underperforming software and hardware will help a company implement key strategic alterations to a network that will improve the overall performance of a business model. In addition to identifying areas of opportunities within a network, network auditing software also tracks and provides reports on system performance, VoIP systems functionality and the performance of all routers, switches and printers within a network.

Types of Software Essential for Network Auditing

• Network Inventory Software
• Network Monitoring Software
• Network Security Tools
• Security Auditing Software
• Backup Key Recovery
• License Compliance Software
• Active Directory Integration

How Auditing Software Minimizes Cost

Network administrators are fully capable of handling audits on each device connected to a network. However, large networks containing a significant amount of routers, switches, printers and computers create […]

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What is Network Audit Software?

By |July 17th, 2013

Network Audit Software

Network audit software is specially designed software that evaluates and finds out problems or issues with your computer software and even hardware. With good audit software, you can track and audit all software installed in your computer or any other devices. Many companies, organizations, schools, businesses and enterprises among others rely on such software to help secure computer networks and installed systems. Considering the large amounts of assets stored in companies’ computers, it is very important that stable software is actually used to secure these important assets. This can also help in creating a reliable software inventory report where all problems identifies and solved are correctly presented.

The best network audit software should scan networks and provide security alerts when there is a problem with the system. This should also come along with help desk software (we find Help Desk Premier to be a great free option). The audit system should make sure that there are no computer threats in the system. This very essential for any company or organization as it will give you relevant inventory of software and hardware assets in the company. A good software system should also be reliable. It should actually offer the relevant services as expected, that is to track the life assets of a company with the accuracy required.

You must also consider the type of help desk software relevant for a particular task. There are options when choosing this. Choose on whether to host online or have licensed help desk software. You must also consider where the software is best using. This depends with the type and kind of clients you want to serve. Quality is surprisingly not considered by many at such times. This is […]

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